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New scripts

- December, 18th, 2015: jQuery lightweight Progress Bar. A simple and easy to use jQuery progress bar widget.
- December, 11th, 2015: Chess Fen 2.0. Version 2.0 of the popular Chess Fen Position viewer. Use it to easily show chess positions on your website.
- December, 10th, 2015: 8192 Phaser game. An HTML5 5x5 version of the popular 2048 game created with Phaser.io. Tutorials on Phaser.io will come soon.
- September, 7th, 2015: JQuery On/Off Switch - Converts a checkbox into a fancy On/Off Switch.
- July, 23rd, 2015: JQuery Seekbar - A Nice Javascript slider/seekbar.
- May, 2nd, 2015: DHTML Sudoku - A Mobile Friendly Sudoku DHTML Script
- July, 5th, 2013: PHP Chess PGN to JSON parser
- February, 14th, 2013: First release of the new free DHTML Chess script with support for static pgn available at dhtml-chess.com. Demo: pgn-games.html.
- February, 9th, 2013: LudoDB - PHP framework for DHTML scripts.
- January, 25th, 2013: Roller script for the top stories on your site.
- January, 25th, 2013: DHTMLGoodies on GitHub.

Revised scripts

- December, 23rd, 2015: Added support for Chess Engine notations.
- December, 16th, 2013: Image Gallery 2011 - Fixed bug with the script in Internet Explorer 11
- September, 10th, 2012: Fixed problem with missing card
- January, 2nd 2012: DHTML Chess 2.0.1.
- November, 7th 2011: Image Gallery 2011 - Added support for anchor tags to make large pictures clickable.
- October, 25th 2011: Image Gallery 2011 - Displaying an animated "Please Wait image" while large images are being pre-loaded.
- September, 14th 2011: Picture zoom - Added support for border around large picture.
- July, 13th 2011: DG filter - Added support for applying filter only to specified columns of a table.

LudoJS framework
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