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FF,IE5.5+,Op8,Safari 1.3.2

Last updated: September, 29th 06, Added support for small close buttons at the top right corner of the tabs.

Put the content of your tabs within some divs, call a javascript function. Result? A nice looking tab view.

Info and download | Demo | Demo with two tab sets

DHTML window with tab support


Last updated: Dec. 12th, 2006 - New feature: Maximize/Minimize windows

This is a cross browser DHTML window script with support for tabs. It kind of works like the inspectors in Adobe Photoshop. It use cookies to remember size, positions, active tab and window stack order. In the demo, try to move and resize some of the windows. Then refresh the page.

Info and download | Demo | Demo 2

Ap tabs


Submitted script

A very nice tab script created by Armel Pingault. This script will parse HTML on your page and transforms it into some very nice tabs.

Info and download | Demo

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