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DHTML Chess Wordpress Plugin (Beta) . Participate in the beta testing of the DHTML Chess for WordPress plugin, and receive a free Commercial License worth USD99.

DHTML Chess for Wordpress

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DHTML Chess for WordPress

DHTML Chess for Wordpress is now available for beta testing at WordPressChess.coma>, and we're looking for you who wants to participate in testing the beta. As a reward, you will receive a free commercial license.

In Short, DHTML Chess for WordPress let you

  • Edit games online in a chess editor with an embedded Chess Engine(StockfishJS).
  • Import games from pgn files and have them stored in a database.
  • Insert custom tags into your posts which will render a chess board on your site.
  • Support for showing single games, entire databases/pgn files, tournaments, tactics and online play against computer.

Install the plugin

Installation details can be found at


Register at the forums at To join the beta testing. You will receive first hand support during the beta testing phase.

Here are a few screenshots from the admin section:


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