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Menu scripts

DHTML Menu for applications


Last updated: July. 10th. 2009: Bugfix for Firefox 3.5.

This menu is particular useful in web applications because of it's features for adding, removing, showing and hiding menu items dynamically.

Info and download | Demo | Demo 2 | Demo 3 | Demo 4

Unobtrusive slide out menu


Last updated: Nov. 27th. 2007: New version which supports sub menus. Thanks to Dean Parkinson.

In this DHTML menu script, the submenu slides to left or to the right. The menu is based on an unordered list(<UL><LI>) which makes it search engine friendly and visible to users with Javascript disabled.

Info and download | Demo | Demo 2 | Demo 3

Fancy one level menu(Advanced version)

Last updated: July. 17th. 2005: Fixed scrollbar problem in Firefox.


This is based on the menu below. The difference is that this one support multiple colors and that it also give you the option to choose between changing saturation(color intensity) or brightness onmouseover. I have separated them into two scripts because the one below is a little bit easier to configure. So if you only need one color, use the menu below, otherwise use this one.

Info and download | Demo | Demo 2

Fancy one level menu


Last updated: July. 17th. 2005: Fixed scrollbar problem in Firefox.

One level menu with an attractive color animation.

Info and download | Demo

Static top bar menu


This is a dynamically created menu that sticks to the top of your page. What you have to do is to add buttons and define button actions.

Info and download | Demo

List based context menu


Last updated: April. 18th. 2008: Fixed a positioning problem. Thanks to Bernie.

This is a context menu based on an unordered list.

Info and download | Demo

Simple list based menu


Last updated, Oct. 18th - Fixed a bug in the auto expand function

This is a very basic list based menu. What's special about it is that it expands the menu automatically if current page is referred to by a menu item.

Info and download | Demo

Slide down menu


Last updated, August. 23rd, 2010 - Implemented support for styling of active item.

A nice slide down menu based on an unordered list (<UL><LI>). It transforms an UL/LI list into a slide down menu.

Info and download | Demo | Demo 2

List based DHTML menu


Last updated: December, 18th, 2007 - Fixed a positioning problem

This is a menu based on an unordered list (<UL><LI>). It makes the menu easy to use and friendly to search engines. The menu is tested in Firefox, IE 5.x -> and Opera.

Info and download | Demo | Demo by Moderator Chris

Tab menu


Last updated: September, 2nd, 2006 - Added support for right alignment of menu

This menu displays main menu items as tabs. Sub menu items are displayed on a line below when you move your mouse over a main menu item.

Info and download | Demo | Demo with images

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