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After downloading the script, you only have to open the html file game_solitaire.html in your browser. No configuration is needed for the script to work. However, if you want some different background images for the cards, you could add it with the following Javascript lines:


These images have to be of size 70x100 pixels. Look in the game_solitaire.html file for examples on how to add images.


Stefan Blum
Weiß jemand wie ich nur eine Karte statt drei karten konfigurieren kann?
Stefan Blum at 08:30PM, 2011/05/03.
I would love to read this article, but theres a huge "invest in silver" advertisement sitting right on top of the page and it has no options to close it. Fire your advertiser.
mad at 10:59PM, 2011/09/24.
Bud F
I have downloaded this game and played it quite a lot.I am disappointed that you can not "win" this game.I have gotten to a point where there are no more cards to turn over,even though you see ones back(the deck).It it in the script somewhere something like congrats you won?
Bud F at 08:21AM, 2012/02/04.
Bud F
yuo can't win this game.I got down to almost the end and it had he last card I needed to win but it was face down.If that card was up as it should have been,then I would have won.This is the second time this has happened.
Bud F at 03:38AM, 2012/02/17.
<a href="#comment441">Stefan Blum wrote:</a>Weiß jemand wie ich nur eine Karte statt drei karten konfigurieren kann?
hallo. suche im .js in der Zeile 119 das hier:var minIndex = Math.max(-1,maxIndex-3); den maxIndex auf -1 setzen.
Swen at 05:41PM, 2012/08/07.
this game have a big problem! you never win because one card is lost! please help to correct the code!
hamed at 03:28PM, 2012/09/10.
Admin comment
This problem has now been fixed in latest zip-file. Fix is in dhtmlgoodies_solitaire.js
DHTMLGoodies at 08:33PM, 2012/09/10.
thanks alot :)
hamed at 07:41AM, 2012/09/11.
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John Doe
<a href="#comment441">Stefan Blum wrote:</a>Weiß jemand wie ich nur eine Karte statt drei karten konfigurieren kann?
externes JS - eine ziehen:var minIndex = Math.max(-1,maxIndex-1);drei ziehen: letzte auf maxIndex-3
John Doe at 07:07PM, 2015/11/12.
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