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bes gvin
there is no a hintArrow.gif, where can i find it?
bes gvin at 03:34PM, 2011/07/18.
omer eral
Hi,We visited your website and interested with your sudoku javascript game.We have a project and I would like to talk about it a bit.We want to build a sudoku server and it ll have members and members ll play the game synchronously.And the winner of players ll be annnounced on other player's screen and it ll start new game for everybody. it ll have limited time period to play a single game and it ll have limited times to play sudoku daily. Plus we ll have score board and all things, simply.We would like to ask you about the price for the full project, described above.Alternatively if you are unable to do it, we would like to know the price for your sudoku on your website.We ll be looking forward to hear from you.Regards,Omer Eral
omer eral at 12:51PM, 2014/01/13.
Hello. Me very like !
Vitaliy at 01:58PM, 2014/12/03.

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