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You use Javascript to configure the progressbar. Example: the progressbar_steps variable is used to indicate total number of steps. If it's set to 50 as in this example, the progress bar will move like this: 2%, 4% 6% ... 100%, i.e. 50 steps.

The moveProgressBar() function is called whenever you want to move the progress bar. The argument to this function is how many steps you now want to move the bar. This argument is optional. If left out, the progress bar will simply move to the end.


Abolfazl at 09:27AM, 2011/04/08.
i seriously would like this with a recurring glossy image instead of the dull blue color in the progress bar...
rj at 03:40AM, 2012/03/20.
its realy works and simplie i could ghange the code thank you!

tharindu at 10:21AM, 2012/05/03.
apurba at 01:00AM, 2012/05/25.
Thanks,this code helps me a lot in my project
simallia at 12:45AM, 2012/10/18.
It worked for me. Thank You.
Raghav at 08:14AM, 2012/11/06.
Pari Ojha
Thanks for share this code. :)
Pari Ojha at 06:00AM, 2013/02/06.
nice man thank's but download link
kimooooo at 05:53AM, 2014/03/20.

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