This script is based on our Android app Sudoku: Classic & Arcade which you can install for free from Google Play.

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The script can also be downloaded from GitHub:


Purchase commercial License

Price: USD99 (The rights to use the 1600 Sudoku Puzzles in the puzzles folder)


The dimension(width and height) of the board is dynamic, based on the CSS dimension specified for the <div> elements it is rendered to.


Take a look at index.html in the zip file, and use it as a template when implementing the Sudoku Script.

Toggle between commercial and non-commercial use

If you have purchased a commercial license, enable it in sudoku-controller.php with this line:



When enabled, the script will pick from the 1600 Sudoku Puzzles available in the puzzles folder. Otherwise it will fetch puzzles from the puzzles-free folder(80 puzzles, 10 for each difficulty).


Evaristo Romero Dominguez
Hi: I become interested in your software and I have the next questions: 1.- Can I install in a server? 2.- Is there a procedure for install? I use the index.html ans only appears the grid. 3.- Is there any discount in the price? 4.- Do you have a webpage? That´s all for the moment. I´ll wait for your answers. Regards.
Evaristo Romero Dominguez at 04:28AM, 2015/11/02.
Evaristo,Yes, this is a downloadable script which you can put on your server. There's a download link at the top of the page. It can also be downloaded from GitHub use the script on your website, your server needs to support the PHP language. The install instruction is simply to copy the files to your web server. You cannot use this script using the file system, example: by opening a page from your local computer in your web browser. The address bar in your web browser will typical start with file:: if this is the case. You need to run it from a web server, i.e. with an address starting with http:/.A blank grid/board means that Sudoku's are not loaded correctly from the server. It's difficult to know for sure what's wrong without seeing it live on your site. If you provide a link, I will probably be able to tell you more. But make sure that* Your web server supports the PHP language* The web address in your web browser(Chrome, Firefox etc) starts with http://
DHTMLGoodies at 08:23PM, 2015/11/07.

Are all these sudoku's testen so that they only have 1 solution?
And that there is no guess work needed?

Kind regards
Roel at 08:50AM, 2019/05/22.

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